According to Mitchell Baker, founder and Chairperson of the Mozilla Corporation, more than 70 percent of internet users in Indonesia use Firefox browser.

Compared to data of the Indonesia Association of Internet Service Providers (APJII) in 2010 which mentions that the number of internet users in Indonesia reaches 30 million, it is apparent that those using Firefox browser reaches 21 million.

"We're focusing on developing localized services which draw Firefox to daily lives," Mitchell Baker told in Jakarta on Monday, Sept 27. "We're not here to seek revenue but providing people in every country with what they need."

Baker said that Mozilla also embraces local developers. "There are various resources that can be used to build Firefox with local taste," said Baker.

"Firefox has made available 72 local languages including bahasa Indonesia. However, Indonesia has quite unique users," said Baker. "Around 80 to 85 percent users instead use English."

Baker stated that two key factors that lead Firefox to success are developing local browsers and enabling easy customization of its products. "In addition, we're aiming at building local communities which are in the know of the locals' need for internet browsers," he said.

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